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We proudly introduce a new partner


Dan is using the Radar Rug+ at a Division I

college and with his patients at a major

teaching hospital as well as with other athletes.

It is a great honor to have Dan on board to

help us market the Radar Rug+.

Board Certified Sports Physical Therapist


How We Began


Richard Heatwole, Founder and CEO of Carpet Cues, began developing these training and rehabilitation carpets as an extension of his AXIALPRO Fitness System. He was working with professional athletic therapists, trainers, and clinical rehabilitation specialists that he introduced into the market in 2009. As he began meeting with industry professionals and his fitness system developed, visual cues on carpets became part of program communication protocol.  Meeting the often overlooked need for visual perception cues in therapy, the Carpet Cues brand blossomed.



From Concept to Reality


Following the "Carpet Cues" Concept inception, Paul Lonnemann PT, OCS, MTC, FAAOMPT caught fire with the project in a meeting at the “Therapy Works Rehab Center” in Floyd Knobs, IN. Paul, who shared a similar vision with Richard, saw the value of the product in sports medicine and injury rehabilitation. He joined hands with Richard as Technical Adviser for Fitness and Rehab.  Soon after, Richard and Paul developed the “Radar Rug”.

Part of our program included communicating protocol with visual cues on carpets to involve visual perception. Meeting this need now has blossomed into another whole business that we simply have named Carpet Cues LLC.

Our innovations can be found in the training rooms of schools, universities, golf instructors, and pro football teams, as well as in a variety of rehabilitation centers where elite athletes are finding their way back to their game.


The Carpet Cues vision thrives from the diversity of the team that built it. Through different backgrounds, we have come together in one common goal:

We are committed to helping you achieve

“Performance Optimization”

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