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ADAPT Pit-stop Rug

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The Pitstop Rug is 14' x 4'. The black and green line down the middle is 15cm wide.

The ADAPT pitstop rug was developed for serious minded Coaches and the serious minded Athletes who want to win and understand their greatest challenges to be Injury Prevention and Performance Optimization.

1. We typically have a Dominant and weaker side, and from our hips down (or our lower extremities) we carry the weight of our body during the rigorous demands of speed, G-forces, and continuous omni-directional challenges. Serious Coaches and Athletes know more than 50% of all sports injuries are lower extremity Injuries,and they know that the following reasons are why.

2. The difference between your dominant and weaker side is called a DEFICIT. (This is common language for your Athletic Trainers). Typically if you have a Pre-Injurydeficit of more than 80%between your two sides, your Athletic Trainer would be considering removing you from Sports Play until you get that number up. They know that the body can compensate, and hide deficits while from all appearance you can still perform well while being very close to an injury.

3. Here then is the problem. Not all schools even have an Athletic Trainer, and even when there is an Athletic Trainer, there is no way that an AT can consistently monitor deficits on all the athletes in the many sports that their athletic departments have.

4. Carpet Cues has dealt with this dilemma and has found a comprehensive, way to monitor deficits on a broad scale in a manner that is feasible to reduce Lower extremity injuries.

This is so important for the wellbeing of the athletes but it is important too if you are serious about winning.

Remember that Performance Optimization is not Performance Optimization unless there is an analytical process to assure athletes that they are “Sports Play Ready."

Learn more with the “ADAPT pitstop videos”


1. Terms

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2. Liability

Seller’s liability and Buyers sole remedy for defective goods shall be replacement, repair, or refund of the purchase price or grant of an allowance, at Seller’s election. Pile crushing, matting, pilling, shading, soiling, and watermarking are not defects and will not be considered for claims.

Returns & Refunds

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  • Send a picture and a description of the defective product along with a statement explaining why you feel there has been a breach of the warranty and include a copy of the invoice and/or Receipt of Payment.
  • After Carpet Cues, LLC confirms that the product in question meets the requirements of the warranty conditions, we will start the procedure for refunding your purchase.
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