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Gait Training Rug

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Product Details

1. A tool that effects positive change for normal Gait rehab.

2. Progressive external vision during Gait rehab.
3. Effecting awareness of lateral movement during Gait rehab.
4. Contributes to the feel of normal stance with correct spread for Gait rehab.
5. Supports a feel for “correct” relative to measured, rhythmic stride.
Comes in 4 different lengths, a carrying tote for portability and your choice of Amputee or Rehab logo.The Gait Rug offers the following:
    • Advances the process for achieving rhythmic stride with external focus.
    • Provides a gauge with hash marks to determine normal stance and corresponding hash marks throughout to observe your patients as they progress.
    • Offers both a right and left leg launch.
    • Creates awareness to reduce excessive lateral movement.
    • Pronounced red stride marks supported by foot prints better facilitates at-a-glance perception of details while maintaining awareness of space with external focus.
    • Encourages a neural-muscular awakening to the experience of consistent and rhythmic gait.
    • 100% nylon that is highly wear resistant.
    • Printed graphics are printed at 100% penetration to resist fading.
    • Rubber backing that keeps the rug rigid and flexible enough to roll up when not in use and lay flat when in use.
    You may contact Carpet Cues, LLC directly to initiate a refund or return. In order to expedite any return and/or refund in a timely fashion, please observe the following steps:
    • Send a picture and a description of the defective product along with a statement explaining why you feel there has been a breach of the warranty and include a copy of the invoice and/or Receipt of Payment.
    • After Carpet Cues, LLC confirms that the product in question meets the requirements of the warranty conditions, we will start the procedure for refunding your purchase.
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