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Radar Rug + (With Accessories)

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The RADAR RUG+ is 21' x 4'. The green line measures 6 meters from start to finish. The black and green line down the middle is 15cm wide.

1. The RADAR Rug+ design unites 2 unilateral tests, the Star Excursion Balance Test (SEBT) and the Single Leg Hop Test (SLHT) as one. Though they are similar in that they both are unilateral tests, and that they both compare sides to assess pre-injury deficits to prevent an injury, and post injury deficits during rehab to determine outcomes, they have profound differences.

2. They are different in that the (SEBT) is stationary on the tested side while performing a lunge and recoil with the other foot on either 3 or 8 different planes of motion around the tested side, for a dynamic balance test. The (SLHT) is a test that gathers data relative to motion. Issues of impact, lateral-medial hopping comparisons, plyometric hopping, and speed test comparisons are all impossible with (SEBT). (SEBT) however tests the body’s ability to deal with the rigorous demands of twisting joints, muscles, and tendons to the extreme limits of the normal range of motion common to most sports play, something impossible for (SLHT). The RADAR Rug+ unites the two as a single design and offers a more panoramic view of Deficits.

3. Our unique measuring tools and a calculator make assessments fast and easy.

4. Finally, the RADAR Rug+ design offers a plethora of conditioning exercises that begin with the progressive omnidirectional grid design as well as the exercise ladder that is printed on the rug and is safe for novice and pro alike.

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