1. Developed for the military to acclimate them to the kind of challenges not experienced in a clinical setting.

2. Splitting the rug down the middle creates an opportunity to promote awareness with lateral movement.

3. Challenges include sporadic, irregular, andisolated, experiences of Depth, Density, and tactility between surfaces.

4. On one end of the rug there is a (right) foot launch, an on the other end is a (left)

Surface Training Rug

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       The Surface Training Rug is made from a renewable, biodegradable and energy-efficient wool that resists crushing and fading. It's high-quality design assists patients in becoming familiar to difficult surfaces not typically found in a rehabilitation setting. 

      ABOUT  The Surface Training Rug
       • This rug was developed for the military to prepare soldiers for the kind of surface challenges they encounter outside the rehab center. Cut and inlaid sections are strategically placed so that different and independent experiences are created with each side of the body. 

       • It offers challenges of depth, density and different levels of instability. 

       • It provides for hands on, and in house, surface training while the patient is still under a therapist's supervision. 

       • It is used indoors, in spite of weather conditions that could prohibit outside training. 

       • The rug layout provides the following: 
           1. It gives direction for Left leg launching at one end and Right leg launching at the other end. 
          2. It offers markings for measured stride. 
          3. The straight-line divide down the middle can serve as a visual mark to continue the same emphasis of lateral movement awareness.


      Why Wool?

      • 100% pure wool is a considered a bio-based fiber.  It's production is fueled by another renewable resource...grass.
      • Allergy in wool is virtually non-existent and makes it great for allergy-prone individuals.
      • Wool acts a natural air conditioner...absorbing moisture during periods of high humidity and releasing it when the air becomes dry.
      • Wool uses 1⁄3 to 1⁄6 the energy it takes to produce comparable synthetic fibers.
      • Our wool is rare in that it's made in different diameter and pile length than traditional wool.
      • 100% biodegradable wool so it's economically friendly yet durable enough to resist crushing and fading.
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