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Why Wool?

  • Wool-  not only create the kind of experiences we are looking for, it also maintains density and body so the experience will last While wool is more costly than other materials, wool is longer lasting by far than most.  You really do get what you pay for.

  • Wool-  for thousands of years, has been the fiber of choice in carpet and rug manufacturing. Aside from its heralded performance and unsurpassed aesthetics, 100% pure wool is an environmentally sound selection in that it is completely biodegradable and, since the earth’s natural resources are not depleted in its production, it is a rapidly renewable resource. Further, wool is referred to as a ‘bio-based’ fiber since its production is fueled by another rapidly renewable resource – grass. 


  • Wool-   is an ideal selection for allergy-prone individuals since allergy to wool is virtually non-existent and, when used as carpeting, wool acts as a natural air purifier by actually attracting air-borne dust particles and common pollutants where they can be harmlessly vacuumed away. Tests show wools natural air purification process can last upwards of fifteen years. Wool does not promote the growth of dust mites or bacteria and is inherently fire safe through its natural flame-retardant qualities. 


  • Wool-   also acts as a natural air conditioner, absorbing moisture during periods of high humidity and releasing it when the air is dry. It is also easy to maintain. Spills and soil are easily removed. With every rug, you will receive maintenance instructions that will help you keep your carpet fresh and clean 


  • Wool-  requires from one third to one-sixth the energy to produce than comparable synthetic fibers and has an ongoing ability to save energy due to its superior insulating properties, keeping the indoor environment warm in winter and cool in summer.